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Email: kate@katewilliams.net.au

"Kate's photos are what every actor dreams of, her portraiture shots particularly.
She has an excellent eye for light and composition, and her relaxed demeanour makes the whole experience a breeze which is why she is able to capture someone's true essence.

This is for the actors who want photos that actually look like them." - Emily

"Kate made me feel super relaxed.
The shoot was an enjoyable experience which led to a product I am very proud of.

Having a photographer who is also a trained actor, and therefore understands actors, is a huge plus."  -Nick

"Kate has a real knack for putting you at ease. She creates a relaxed environment while maintaining a calm control. Her first hand experience of the acting industry means she is quick to ascertain what look is going to land and what isn't.
I don't know what more you'd want from a photographer." - Ellen

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