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Ph: 0403 512 356


"Kate's photos are what every actor dreams of, her portraiture shots particularly.
She has an excellent eye for light and composition, and her relaxed demeanour makes the whole experience a breeze which is why she is able to capture someone's true essence.

This is for the actors who want photos that actually look like them." - Emily

"Pure elation is the feeling I left with following my headshot shoot with Kate. I can safely say I have never had so much fun getting headshots done, and it’s a testament to Kate’s manner, energy, and all the info she provides you with pre-shoot. She’s lovely to communicate with, has a way of making you feel incredibly at ease in front of the camera, and her little shoot assistant is divine! 

Experience aside, I have never had so much trouble selecting final shots! Her eye is incredible, and the variation she was able to capture was amazing. I Cannot speak more highly of the entire experience and would very comfortably recommend her to anyone in need of new shots. - Sophie

"Kate has a real knack for putting you at ease. She creates a relaxed environment while maintaining a calm control. Her first hand experience of the acting industry means she is quick to ascertain what look is going to land and what isn't. I don't know what more you'd want from a photographer." - Ellen

"Kate made me feel super relaxed.
Having a photographer who is also a trained actor, and therefore understands actors, is a huge plus."  

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